Our Team

Jim Christensen: Partner of Christina, Jim is our networking guru.
He works tirelessly to book events and showings while forming lasting relationships with our distributors as well as individuals in our community. With past experience as a business owner, Jim has a savvy that has kept Christina Anastasia Jewelry on an upward trajectory!
In addition, he spends countless hours building our wholesale sales through Humboldt Artisans Group.

KimChi Apple Belly Yum Yum Sometimes Prozac and When She's Grumpy George Foreman: The frisky kitten of the office, KimChi keeps everyone amused with her snaggle tooth and leg nudges. Sometimes she helps out the models during their photo shoots, and other times she distracts the models during their photo shoots - it just depends on how mischievous she feels like being that day.

Charlie von Snugglepants: Full of energy and love, Charlie is definitely a ball of joy. Appearing in photos with our models, Charlie is a natural. He keeps everyone smiling with his kisses and desire to play all day long.