Christina Anastasia Gives Back

Starting in early 2017, Christina Anastasia Jewelry Design started "tithing to art and culture." Through consistent donations, Christina donates a variety of products to nonprofit organizations and individuals in need to help raise awareness for causes she believes in. 


Organizations we have previous partnered with include:

- Ink People Center for the Arts 

- Planned Parenthood of Northern California

- North Star Quest Map

- Eureka Art and Culture Commission 


Do you support a nonprofit organization? We want to help!

If you are supporting a nonprofit organization with a donation of product for an event that will be auctioned or raffled off to raise funds for that nonprofit's core programs, Christina Anastasia will donate merchandise valued at five percent of your previous year's purchases from Christina Anastasia Jewelry Design to your initial donation. To participate in this program, please find the retailer donation request form on our website within the wholesale portal and return it to Jim Christensen at our offices.