Meet Christina


I fell in love with beads when I was five years old thanks to a teacher; Miss Penny. Their beauty, their history mesmerizes me and my appreciation of them has deepened over the decades.

When I was eight years old I was commissioned by a classmate to make a bracelet. This sale, this belief in my designs stuck, and thirty years later I can still be found at my workbench doing what I love: combining amazing colors found in beads from all over the world to create beautiful jewelry. While the operation is different from when I was a child - employees, multiple vendors, and an inventory of beads that I source from all over the world, my goal is still the same - to make the world a kinder place one sparkle at a time. 

I have observed that my art inspires people to smile, to feel good, to savor a rest in beauty and in this space of appreciation joy happens; and joyful people are more likely to share kindness with others - hence making the world a kinder place one sparkle at a time. 

As I have honed my skills over the years, I have learned to create with some spectacular ingredients: Swarovski crystals, natural and semi-precious stones, Czech glass, Sterling silver, and 14 karat gold. I oversee all of our production, working with the amazing staff that I have been blessed with, but I still handle each piece that goes through our studio, ensuring that it is perfect. When there are loops and coils on our products, I still do them myself to make sure they are as refined as possible. 

In 2017 my partner and I decided to take the leap into wholesale sales and share Christina Anastasia Jewelry to more retail locations throughout the West Coast.  This adventure evolved in 2019 by creating Humboldt Artisans group; a wholesale representation company to help fellow artisans and manufactures get their works seen and sold in the wholesale market. 

I look forward to many more years of making the world a more joyous place with you, one sparkle at a time. 


Christina Anastasia Swingdler

"Sparkle Queen of the North Coast"