Every year, Christina of Christina Anastasia Jewelry hosts Sparkle parties that showcase her newest designs and occasionally the artwork of dear friends, in hopes that it will inspire joy within her guests. 

What is a Sparkle Party you ask?

A Sparkle Party is an opportunity to dress oneself in delightful creations that reflect the joy of life. Christina believes in dressing up the everyday, because every day is a gift. The simplicity of a rainbow or a glimmer of sparkle can remind us to keep our chin up and move through the day with grace and smiles for everyone we pass. 

Annual Sparkle Parties include:

- Valentine's Day: held the weekend before the holiday. Hearts and romance, champagne and chocolate! Shower yourself and loved ones with decadent decorations that show how much you care!

- Mother's Day: held the weekend before the holiday. Together we honor the special women in your life who've sparked joy in hope with some unique sparkle!

- North Coast Open Studios: held during the first two weekend of June.  This is a unique opportunity to visit the creative habitats of many Humboldt based artists. A variety of bold and exquisite, or simple and sophisticated jewelry that showcases Christina's variety of style! Come see the range of creativity of Christina Anastasia Jewelry. 

One on One Sparkle Party: Visit Christina in her World of Sparkle with friends or just yourself; peruse the jewels and play dress up with Christina's creations and perhaps even have something custom created!