Personal Power

This is a collection of jewels that are  meant to assist you in accessing your inner self. Whether it be strength, compassion, direction or anything else, these jewels I create with the specific intention (like all my art) to help you feel supported as you navigate life.

There are mostly natural stones in this collection; as I believe their unique compositions help to enhance certain energies that we are trying to cultivate/manifest.

If it is not a natural stone jewel, it is a piece that I personally have felt gives me an extra spring in my step, an uplift, especially on days when I need help navigating challenges.

As always there is compassion and love infused in all my art, with an intention to help you feel supported, rooted for, and contentment as you are.

9 products found in Personal Power

Emerald Queen
  • $3,200.00
Clear Aurora Borealis Moon Earrings
  • $32.00
Midnight Moons
  • $32.00
9 Sparkles of Optimistic Wit
  • $590.00
EPIC Chartreuse and natural Pearl Earrings of Awesomeness.
  • $63.00
Lamp-work Glass and Natural Stone Necklace
  • $275.00
Protecting Lapis
  • $72.00
The Eye of Discernment
  • $68.00
The Evil Eye Appetite
  • $54.00